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About us


Pictoria Cards is a family-run photographic greeting card company located in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada.  We think that people love to receive beautiful photographs as greeting cards, and particularly ones that have a hand-made touch.  


Many of our corporate customers have been with us for years, some for decades, and we like to think it is not only because our cards work so well for them, and that we have new images to choose from every season,  but because we offer responsive, reliable, and friendly service.


In our little greeting card business, division of responsibilities is quite simple:  Anne runs the office, answers the phone and does the sales and books, and makes the final decision on which images make it into the catalogue.  Geof is responsible for all aspects of production.  At the moment Emma is on staff at Point Pelee National Park on Lake Erie, Ontario, but continues to send in images for Anne's consideration to be added to the catalogue.  Emma has been contributing images to the collection since 2004. 

We (Geof and Anne) started the business in 1991, and drove a lot of kilometres looking for pictures and for greeting card stores to carry our product.  Geof still drives many kilometres searching for great photos, and if he is lucky Anne will take time off from paperwork and go along!

Burbidge family
Geof Burbidge

Geof Burbidge

Anne Burbidge

Anne Burbidge

Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge

The Burbidge family, spring 2000. 

Customer testimonials


"Hi Anne, I just wanted to let you know that we have received numerous calls thanking us for your lovely cards. At least one client is even going to frame hers! " — Joanne Follows, Toronto.


"Not only do you have a great product but your personal thoughtful service is also appreciated. I will be a customer for a long time to come". — Bill Stone Jr, Guelph.

"Thank you so much...the "lower 48" would do well to learn from your customer service" — Gregg Haglund, Glendale, Ca.


"Nothing has had as lasting an impact as the Burbidge images. Clients just don't forget you. They call us to tell us they have them framed. They call to say they are waiting for their birthday card so they can have one more for the wall." — Sandra Pierce, North York.

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