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Pictoria greeting card prices


Same-day shipping: 1-18 cards with envelopes $6.00 each

plus postage of $2 to $6 depending on number of cards.

(US postage charges $6 to $12 CAD)

25-49 cards with envelopes $4.50 each*


50-99 cards with envelopes $3.70 each*


100-499 cards with envelopes $3.50 each*

 500-999 cards with envelopes $3.15 each*


1000 or more cards with envelopes $3.00 each*


 greeted inserts:

$0.30 per card, $0.40 for colour

plus $30 setup fee


*plus courier charges (starting at $20 to Ontario and Quebec,

$30 for most other Canadian destinations)

We can add a greeting for you!  

example of greeted insert

It's easy to add a greeting to your cards as a "greeted insert". The greeting can be one you write yourself or one suggested by us.  We print the greeting on fine matching writing paper and then lightly attach it to the inside of the greeting card. 

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