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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big are the cards?

A: They are all 5X7 inches (12.7X17.8 cm) and come with a matching A7 size envelope (5.25 X 7.25 inches or 13X18 cm).

Q: Are the cards and envelopes made of archival recycled paper from sustainably managed forests?

A: Yes, they are acid-free 30% PCW (post-consumer) Forest Management Certified, buffered, uncoated fine white Canadian-made card stock and paper.

Q: Will the colours fade if I frame the photos?

A: Pictoria cards are not ordinary lithographed greeting cards but are made from real photographic prints of archival quality, carefully hand-mounted with buffered, non-toxic adhesive to last for decades. 

Q: How do you ship and how much is shipping?

A: All our wholesale orders are handled through Canpar courier and its international partners.  Shipping costs are calculated and presented to you after you have made your order.  To give an example, 100 cards shipped anywhere in Ontario or Quebec is $20 plus HST, and $30 to most other destinations in Canada. 

Q: Can I buy fewer than 25 cards?  Do you have a retail site as well as a wholesale site?

A: Yes. Please visit our retail site to purchase from our most recent catalogues.

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